:start & finish:

I am the queen of starting things.
but I am also……
The queen of not finishing.

Let me give you an example. I just finished a craft project right before Christmas that I had originally started as a Valentine’s gift…the year before!! You are probably saying, who cares it’s just a craft project…but it carries over into many other areas of my life. In my journey of working on myself I have found that this is a big issue for me. I think some of it links back to shame or guilt over not finishing things very early in life. I used to hear a lot from my Dad about things I wasn’t doing…instead of things that I did accomplish. In some way there are times when I think I am afraid of finishing. It could also be that I put so much time into starting it that I just lost momentum. I always have grand plans when I start….it usually involves lists, things that I might need for the project, promises, etc. Then something happens…and I question myself, talk myself out of it…anything to avoid digging deeper and fighting for what I want to do. That’s gotta change for me, I am tired of not finishing something.
There have been some really great inspirations all around since it being the “new year” and everyone wants to accomplish things. One of the bloggers I follow Jon Acuff has something going on called “Finish Year”, you can read about it here It is a great way to make a list of 5 things you want to finish. They can be anything…you can see by his list that there are some that are simpler than others….but the point is that he wants to finish them! So here is my list…..

In 2012 I want to finish….
1) finding and moving into my own apartment and making it my own

2) watching one classic movie a month

3) memorizing a passage of scripture each month

4) by June working out 3 times a week consistently

5) learn a new craft (knitting) and finish a major project (baby blanket)


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