as I mentioned in my last post every year for about the last five or six years I have chosen a word. One word that I want to strive for in the new year. Last year my word was nothing….I didn’t choose one….I don’t know what happened to me last year and the whole blogging and writing thing. Anyway….this year since being back on the wagon of writing I decided to once again choose a word. The word itself actually came pretty easy to me at church the other day. See starting in a couple of weeks we are starting a series called “reset” all about needing a fresh start. I thought hmmmm how appropriate, this was what I am looking for in 2012. I want to reset or start some things over.
Isn’t it the best that we get 365 chances to make a new start? Every day we wake up and have the ability to start again. Sure we might be in the same relationship, the same job, the same health patterns…BUT we also have to chance to change something about those things. There are about 4 things in my life that I want to “reset”-to just stop and say ok this isn’t working. Push the reset button and make some things happen. Some of them are going to come easier, some will be a challenge. Honestly though…do you get much satisfaction from something that came easily?

So what will you reset? What do you want to hit the button on and change? Always looking for accountability partners…so let’s do this together.


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