before I get into my thoughts, I wanted to say that I love when people give me feedback. Whether it is a comment here, an email, or something verbally said to me, it makes me want to keep writing. I know that people are actually reading and I’m not writing for one person sitting in Alaska or something. So thank you!!!

I had to make a few stops today to some exchanges of some gifts already. Yeah I know generally that is supposed to be after Christmas, but I had gotten a wrong color on something and another thing I found somewhere else cheaper. Anyway, it’s a pain to return or exchange something most times. Usually there is a line, you have to remember you receipt, sometimes fill our or sign paperwork, it really can be downright annoying. As I was walking out of my last stop though, I was proud of myself for following through and exchanging what needed to be exchanged. It was a good feeling that I knew what I was getting was now right. It made me think about exchanges in life.

There are times I think we all wish we could “exchange” some parts of our lives….maybe it is a relative who just rubs you the wrong way, maybe losing someone too soon to illness, a tragedy…whatever it is we want to return it. There is only one problem. with many aspects of our lives there are “no exchanges”. Yell at the customer service person all you want, there is no going back. Even in my own life I have gotten the question a lot “would you change what you did” Well sure, if I knew what was going to happen….but there is a power bigger than all of us that makes those choices so I, as well as everyone else, has to live with them and try to make the best of it.

On the other hand…..there are some things in life that we have the power to return or exchange. Some choices we have the option  to change. This got me thinking a lot about my choices lately when it comes to my health. I’ve talked about this a lot I know, but it something at the forefront of my brain everyday. Basically, I wake up everyday not feeling well…one or more of my ailments have decided to rear their ugly head and I feel like crap. While there are some things that I can’t help like allergies…there are many things that I can help…like muscle pain, the extra weight and even maybe the headaches. Those are the things that I need to take  the customer service department….better known as my head….and exchange them for something better. BUT I also need to remember that it won’t always be easy….I may have to wait, do some extra work or even make certain sacrifices. What I need to realize is that in the end I will feel so much better about those exchanges. I’m going to start talking specifically about some of them in the coming weeks because it is time, I am tired of living with something that I am not happy with. I am ready to make the exchange.

what do you need to exchange?



3 thoughts on “:exchanges:

  1. I too, am in the process of exchanging this large a*s for a smaller model. The line is also long, and the process tedious, but after small successes start adding up, it starts to be worth it. I’m a good cheerleader, and I love when I have friends around me trying to get healthy too, so you let me know if you are interested in either one of those things LOL!

  2. Great post. You can do it!! I listen to a great podcast about healthy choices. It’s called Inside Out Weight Loss. It’s a little “new age-y”, but it is like having a counseling session! I just substitute any new age references with my faith and belief in God, versus the universe, etc. I have also found that finding a few people to stay accountable to and to help keep me motivated is unbelievably helpful. I am more than happy to help, as Stephanie said. Exchanging healthy habits for unhealthy ones is a great way to instantly start feeling better. You can do it!

  3. Joni Ruhs says:

    I like your perspective of making an exchange. I’ll have to think on that for awhile. I tend to live with things that aren’t good for me as opposed to just taking a step or two to get the right thing I need. My excuses are many–I’ll be fine, I’ll just deal with it, I don’t feel like going through the hassle, This is good enough.

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