ahhhh Thanksgiving Day, actually evening by now. I will admit the holiday season over the past few years have been tough for me. I am trying to work through it. So today I was quiet and introspective and knowing that even though right now I feel struggles that I am incredibly blessed. I have an awesome family that includes some who are blood and some who aren’t but will always be called family. I have a job that yes is stressful but also making me stretch myself in good ways. I have a home to come to, a dog who loves me unconditionally and (somewhat) good health. Things could be a lot worse.
I always wonder on this day what the world would be like if we stopped more than just once a year and really took a look at our blessings. I would think people would be so much different, much more loving and grace filled. So let’s do this more huh?? More than just the Thursday in November…but maybe even every Thursday??


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