:the easy button:

remember when the commercial came out a few years ago? It was from Staples, and it was the red circle button that when pushed said “that was easy” in this kind of annoying voice. Premise of the commercial was of course if you shopped at Staples it was the easy and right choice. Well ok…maybe in that scenario…but what about when we push the easy buttons in areas of our lives?
As I start to dig and work back through my “stuff”, I have realized that many times I have taken the easy button approach. It was the “easy” choice….to take that job, move into that place, buy that car, etc. They weren’t really decisions that were thought of too deeply, just ones that seemingly made sense. Or did they? I’m sure at the time they seemed right, they didn’t cause a lot of stir…didn’t “rock the boat” What I have been finding though is that I needed to rock the boat and make waves more often.
It has been a hard pill to swallow when your therapist says “hey I think you need to be making some more adult decisions” At first I was like hey, the heck are you talking about? I am an adult….I have an adult job, adult bills, etc. Getting down to what she meant though was that a lot of the past decisions I have made have been the “easy” ones….not necessarily the hard, scary adult ones. Decisions that were just for ME. Remember by post a little while back about “me, me,me”…that’s the concept. Decisions that may not be the easy ones….that may take some thought and prayer to actually see through, but decisions that ultimately are the ones that are right for ME. Of course this doesn’t mean I ignore everyone else and their suggestions or thoughts…but ultimately it comes down to me making that decision.
The challenge that has been put upon me is the take some of the “easy” decisions that I have made, and might possibly be a bit resentful about, and turn them into decisions that are better for me. I will talk more about specifics later….but I have to say the thoughts stirring in my heart and mind are a bit scary….but also exciting. There has been a quote that has been resonating with me lately…..and not by coincidence it has been put in front of me a couple of different times and ways. It may always be the easy way or the comfortable one…but that doesn’t always mean it is the best one.


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