:never satisfied:


sometimes writing a post means writing something that is on your mind but may not exactly be complete….there are still questions and answers being sought. This is one of those posts….

why in the world are we never satisfied?? What is in our wiring to always want something different. It isn’t about need….for a good portion of us we have a decent job, homes, cars, clothes, etc. Do you think it is actually in our wiring or is it because of the world around us? Think of the marketing that you come in contact with everyday….TV, radio, billboards, signs at stores, even mobile trucks that act as ad boards. We are constantly being bombarded with “needing” something new, different, better. Now let’s switch gears a bit…something other than materialistic…what are we never satisfied with who we are with?
Some of you know the history of my divorce and some are new to my story. The major details are not important but bottom line after 10 years of being with someone he had an affair. My biggest question at the time and sometimes still is, what was wrong with me? Why was he not satisfied with what we had? It really makes me sad and angry when I see all these stories about people cheating…and I talk about men and women because it does indeed happen with both. It’s amazing even out on the “dating circuit” how many people lie or “stretch the truth” about their circumstances. I’ve gotten fairly good at sniffing those people out and basically I will burn them on it….but it still leads me to ask “why do they do this” Is it really unhappiness with the person they are with….or is it unhappiness with themselves? I think it’s pretty much a combination of both with more on the unhappy with self….I know in my own instance it was him extremely unsatisfied with his own life.
But still I have to ask….why?? Why are we never satisfied with what we have been given. By the way…I will be the first to admit that I’m seeking as well, not in an affair way, but I am the first to be hooked on a new gadget or pair of shoes or something. Or the next craze with weight loss, exercise, class, etc. Never satisfied…..

As I said above…this isn’t really finished…no good answer at the end of this one….more like a thought process…a conversation piece. Maybe more will come….or maybe it will just continue to be a question?



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