:social media madness:

many people have asked me “why do you put your life out there for all to read?” Usually, I answer back with I don’t know, doesn’t bother me for people to know, etc. Really if I were to dig deeper I would hope that my blog specifically would help someone through what I am going through. I am pretty sure I am not the only divorced, single, overweight, anxious, Starbucks addicted girl out there. Or at least I hope not. So I hope that in something I say someone will be helped…or even just make them think. When I was going through my divorce I wrote very candidly about the process of dealing with an alcoholic, because I won’t be the last to go through that. I wrote how leaning on my faith got me through that extremely devastating time. Writing as I have said is therapeutic to me…and I dream to one day publish something…a book, article, famous blog post..who knows. So that is why I write…

Now on the other hand you have social sites such as Twitter & Facebook both of which I am a part of. Those to me are just fun sites to be able to keep in touch with others. Facebook is great for the relatives or friends that are at a distance, Twitter is fun because you can read and follow what others just like you might be thinking…or even your favorite actor or music group. What happens though when social media turns on you? I had the not so fun experience of finding out my ex was re-married and a baby on the way…how did I find out? Facebook. Could’ve done without the information…but oh well. Or what about someone who is reading what you post on Twitter and you don’t know it…until one day they lash out by tweeting at you? Then what? Of course all the sites have security features to the max and while I have had some in place, I have also been pretty public on Twitter. Because frankly part of the fun of that site is people you may not know saying something to you (hopefully good things!). So I was placed in a sticky situation on what to do about the person who lashed out and who had been following without me knowing (which by the way is the definition of stalking if you are reading this) Frustrating that my freedom was violated and someone used it for negative…but it’s ok it is in the end just a social networking site and other things are way more important to me…like standing up for someone I love.  So I have taken care of some things and hopefully it won’t happen again, but being a part of this social media world it does make you think about your rights and privacy.

What are your thoughts on this? By the way…I LOVE reading comments on my blog. They literally make my day and know that I actually do have an audience out there…yes all two of you!!




3 thoughts on “:social media madness:

  1. Joni Ruhs says:

    My first blog was up and running for less than 48 hours. I was sure no one would care what I wanted to read or they were going to give me negative opinions and I deleted it. A friend emailed and asked where it went. He was looking forward to reading it. So I decided to jump in and just do it. I decided to be brave or foolish, put myself out there and take the chance that someone would be offended, misunderstand me or draw the wrong conclusions. Scared me to death. But it was cool too. I was starting to take control of my own content and not let anyone dictate what I could express. Felt good. Now if only I could get back to blogging. FB is so much quicker.

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