:ready or not:


November 1….where has the time gone? That is such a cliché statement I realize but so true. I woke-up this morning and headed to my morning coffee stop…and quickly realized the “red cups” were back and holiday drinks were on the menu. One of the local radio stations switched over to 24 hours of Christmas music. The countdown has begun folks…ready or not the holidays are upon us.

So depending on who you might ask, people are either totally excited about this or dreading every moment. Me..well I guess I am probably a little in between leaning towards dread. Holidays for me generally have high hopes and turn into a big let down. To be honest I pretty much breathe a big sigh of relief when 12/26 happens.

It has been hard really since I was a kid. Since my parents divorced when I was young what I remember most about the holidays is the shuffling around. Going from this place one day to another place the next. Never really being home much to enjoy and take in the holidays. When I grew older and had a house of my own I made a rule to myself that I would never do that to myself. So I always said that Christmas day would be one to stay home and just enjoy. Unfortunately, in the past several years there has been some negative feelings around the holidays. Learning to be on my own again, sickness, etc. So honestly the thought of the holidays coming makes me cringe.

My biggest struggle as the years pass is being alone. There is something very magical about the holidays and it would be so great to be able to share that with someone special. While I love what the Holidays bring..being with family, finding the perfect gift for someone, giving to those in need…to me that is what the holidays mean. I only wish there was a few added aspects.

This year brings on new challenges. We are “going live” with a new computer system at work 2 weeks before Christmas. This means mega-stress before the actual day and continued challenges after. So it should be interesting. So to make it through these next two months I have gotten another homework assignment! I am to get a couple of things together that I can do just for myself. I have a few things in mind and now I just need to get them planned out so that they can actually happen, instead of just being in my head.

what’s your plan for making it through?



One thought on “:ready or not:

  1. my plan for making in through is…you! We make our own wonderful memories in our very own little “family” and I know you long for that special someone to share it with…you are very special to me and all my boys and I cannot imagine a holiday without you nor would I want to…you are part of that special something for me:) love u!

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