sometimes the words flow easily….sometimes they build for a couple of days. Thoughts swirling around, ideas that grow, other things that I read adding to it. This has been one of those posts….a lot of information on this one lately. I have noticed that through things that I am reading and seeing that this is a big topic right now. What are we all talking about? Labels.

In our world today labels are everywhere…in every part of life. We as people are labeled….by sex, race, age, body types, sexual orientation and on and on. We even label places….certain “bad” neighborhoods, good places to eat, expensive places to shop. Labels are everywhere. On the news we are continually seeing crimes against young people due to “bullying”, the label so bad they are harmed for it. Or if they aren’t harmed by others, they harm themselves because they can’t take it.

I remember back to my own junior high/highschool experience. I remember the “labels” although we tended to call them “clicks” The popular, athletic, brains, loaners or druggies….and even now when a name from school comes up I try to remember what group they were put in. I wasn’t really in one group….I had friends that were considered more popular, athletic, brains and yes even some loaners. I just didn’t really understand even then that we had to be “exclusive” in those labels.

But what about personal labels? You know….the label or labels that you have given yourself. The ones that along the line someone said something to you and you said “oh yeah that is me, so now I am…..(fill in the blank)” I may not be very quick to put a label on others, but I can label myself in an instant. Usually negative labels….this is me we are talking about. I remember very clear times in my life where some labels came from, conversations or instances when people stuck those labels on and they have yet to come off. Some of them go back at least 15 years. For 15 years…..I have worn those labels in my head and on my heart.

What would it feel like to break those labels….to tear them off after all those years? Most likely it will be a raw feeling at first…but also so freeing. Like someone who has had to wear a cast for several months and finally gets it cut off…I imagine it to be like that. I blogged several months ago about an organization People of the Second Chance, I think they are doing some awesome awesome work. They are introducing a new series that is called Labels and it is pretty much rocking my world.

I’m going to be talking about this more….because right now it is all about me breaking down and getting rid of the labels that others have instilled in me or the ones that I have given myself. So hold on for the ride  🙂



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