I will be the first to admit: I was never a really good student. Or maybe I should say I wasn’t very good at math or science. Give me a reading or writing assignment, or something to do with art and I am a happy girl. Homework….even now I put it off. So a few weeks ago my therapist gave me “homework” Now in this case, there was nothing to be graded, heck I didn’t even have to do it if I didn’t want to….this was all for my gain. So what was it? Well, she wants me to make a list. Hmmm ok, lists I am good at lists..bring it on. Oh but what is the list about? This list was to be about the man I wanted in my life….specific traits, morals, etc. This  is really to have a tangible list to be able to see what I want….and hopefully what God has in store for me.

Oh the list….it is long…not because I am looking for “Mr.Perfect” I know that doesn’t exist. I am looking for the one that is right for me…not perfect. I am not perfect…I will bring with me imperfections and a few fears. The list is scary to create….what if I never meet this person? Or meet someone that even has a few of these qualities? What I need to do though is write it down, get it out on paper (or screen) and release it….let it go and know that God is in charge. This is still a hard thing to do….to let go.

So I am still working on the list….some of it is still in my head and I continue to learn those traits that I really long for. I also keep remembering a verse that I hold close to me….and amazingly enough was used at church this weekend.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD,
“plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give
you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11


One thought on “:homework:

  1. I had a youth pastor when I was only 13 tell us because we would probably marry someone within 13 years of our age (haha) that they were already alive and walking planet earth. Then he asked us how many of us pray regularly for our future spouse (meaning pray for their care and guidance through life, not just to “get” them)? Of course we were all stunned that someone would ask that. He then had us write a list of things we would like to see God do in that person’s life. i.e. save them, keep them healthy, give them a compassionate heart. I later heard a pastor preach about asking from a heavenly Father who loves us more than we know and has unlimited resource. We do not have to be afraid to ask “all that we can ask or think” as long as we understand the decision is His and Father knows best. I prayed off and on for my future wife: that God would watch over her and send my love to her etc. but I also prayed for some specifics when it came to spiritual gifts, personality traits etc… mostly I just kept telling God: “Hey I don’t know what I want! But I know you know what I want and need! It’s all in your hands.” I found out years later that those next few years moved heaven and earth to get us together. When I met her she was only 15 and I was 17 but God let us both know deep inside we were made for each other. We’ve been together 21 years now and have had many many years in marriage. We are both human so we have issues, but we know we’ll work them out with the same thing that brought us together…prayer.

    May God lead you as you take on this “assignment”. 😉


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