:FF 8.19.11:

so if you are in Twitter land (@cre8tvgurl) you know that on Friday’s you see a lot of this :#FF. So admittedly it took me a little bit and possibly a Google search to see what exactly that meant! It meant Follow Friday….kinda fun because you can start following people, places, groups that you may have never known about.

I decided to start my own little #FF here on my blog….it could be people, could be food or places…you never know what you’re going to get on this little blog 🙂

#FF 1: Shuree Rivera  @shureerivera
I came across Shuree a few months ago when she lead worship at The Orchard. Holy moly can that girl lead some worship…it was an awesome experience! Come to find out she has been working on an album as well!! Yippee! She has some great songs that have a great message especially for young girls!! This is one of my faves…she sang this at The Orchard…and there wasn’t a soul in the room that wasn’t praising Jesus!

#FF 2: Jess Weiner @jessweiner
This was an article I stumbled upon through someone else’s blog this week and I can’t stop thinking about these words. Some of it is as if Jess went right into my brain and took out some thoughts. Check it out…. HERE

#FF 3: Yelp http://www.yelp.com
I am getting a little addicted to this site. It’s a great review site for pretty much anything service oriented. You can also leave your own reviews of course….I did that this week and got a free Starbucks card! Yay!

So there is my own little FF….hope you enjoy 🙂


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