:if only:


do you ever catch yourself saying “if only?”

If only…I had more money, more time, less weight, less stress….the list goes on. A few weeks ago we had a speaker at church who spoke about being in the present moment. Putting aside the “if only’s” and just doing it, yes I just borrowed a Nike slogan.

I took this to heart because I know that I do this. I know that I say this term a lot…not always out loud but in my thoughts. Really we need to think about the term if only…isn’t it really just procrastination? Putting if off hoping that something will change? What if we put these thoughts aside and just did it? People who go out and chase their dreams, do you think they have said “if only”? Sure they have probably had some fear and doubt, but they still plugged ahead and did what they had to do to meet their goals. Do you think Jesus said “if only”…don’t think so…he trusted and moved forward in his ministry.

There is a challenge that I am tired of saying “if only” to….you will hear more and read more because I will be writing a lot about this goal. I would say though….is there something in your life that you keep saying “if only” to?? Maybe it is time to set aside that if-only and plug ahead in your goals?


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