:get fit challenge:

get fit or die trying….that is what this girl is going to do. Ok, ok maybe not the die trying part. By this time you have read about my challenges with my weight and body. About two years ago I had started working with a trainer and going to gym, it became a large part of my life. I went almost everyday. I was losing weight and my body was looking leaner. I felt good. Then last summer I was my usual klutzy self and hurt my foot…bad. To the point where I was wearing one of those very fashionable knee-high boots and doing physical therapy. So that meant I had to reduce my gym time. You know what happens…when you get out of a habit or schedule it is really hard to get back into it..then winter came…then my trainer relocated…then that. So there it went….I didn’t step foot into a gym for almost 8 months.
To make a long story short, my trainer contacted me about a month ago and said he was coming back to a much closer gym location. I was excited…and scared….we all know how I have been feeling about my body lately. I went and talked with him and found out that because he was the manager now I couldn’t work with him. So he put me with one of his trainers, a girl that was actually about my age. Someone who had also lost about 145 pounds…she had been where I am. She knows how it feels. It has been awesome working with her in just the short time we have been.
So the gym has a contest twice a year called the “Get Fit Challenge” basically it is a weight loss contest and yes there are some prices. Ironically enough I had been doing this challenge when I injured my foot. So when she brought it up to me, no wait told me I was doing it, I did know that this was the time that I needed to do this. I needed to put aside the “if-onlys” and get this done once and for all.
So yesterday I went and registered and I am off on this journey…again. This time thought I am more determined to make this work…and I am making sure that I stay on my feet this time! lol Get ready, I am sure that I will be writing about this a lot and sharing my progress.


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