:34 in 34, an update:


someone asked me how my list is going with this and I thought I would do a little update…I really need to get going on some of these!!!!

34 in 34

1. finish the 3-Day unfortunately can’t do the walk this year 😦
2. run a 5K
3. volunteer at Feed My Starving Children signed up for August!
4. lose 33 pounds (minimally)
5. be in love again
6. start doing hot yoga again consistently
7. read 33 books, starting with the stack on my desk
8. learn a new art does the light board at Church count? this is an art you know!!
9. take a vacation to the East Coast
10. stop swearing it has gotten better…but not stopped
11. take more nature pictures
12. ride my bike more
13. accrue no additional debt
14. watch a classic black & white movie every month I am very behind on this…any volunteers??
15. be more diligent in my daily devotion time
16. simplify
17. have a date once a month with Mom where we do something we have never done
18. learn to knit
19. re-invent my blog and post daily
20. watch TV less this really is being accomplished because I don’t have much time
21. re-design my living space work in progress
22. take Roscoe on a long walk weekly..even when it’s cold!!
23. purge unused stuff I do this all the time
24. learn an instrument
25. go on a missions trip
26. start an idea journal
27. Zumba more
28. start training Roscoe for becoming a therapy dog
29. go to a large music/ministry “jam”
30. follow-through more
31. go to health appointments I avoid
32. comment more on others blogs
33. have “art” dates with myself
34. work on changing negative mindsets

So I have some work to do….I think I need to print this out so it is in front of me. Honestly, I kind of forgot about some of them.




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