:two weeks:


two weeks….without…..POP!!!!! or Soda as some of you may call it. Yes it is true peeps…I have gone two full weeks without a pop….regular or diet.
What prompted this? Well, a lot of things really. My post from a few weeks ago about reflections in the mirror and how I am unhappy with my body. I headed back to the gym and working with a trainer. Of course, the first thing they want you to do is go on a food plan. Which is fine, but this time I needed to do this my way and a way that I thought would work. In the past, I have gone radical…taking everything out at once and then being miserable. This time I decided to take a different approach and reduce one thing at a time…master one and then move on to the next.
I decided to start with pop because it really is just empty calories loaded with sugar. There are hundreds of articles on this topic of how this “refreshing” drink is…and also how terrible it is on your body. So it seemed like the logical place to start. I’m not going to lie…it has been tough and I have struggled but I made it through!
They say that it takes 21 days to make a habit…so I have another week to really have this one under my belt. Which leads me to the next “thing” to eliminate….

my other arch nemesis….baked goods: bagels, donuts, muffins, cookies, etc…..I am surrounded by them all the time at work but it has to stop. They are horrible for my sugar levels and do nothing for the metabolism. So this elimination starts TODAY!



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