:i’m back baby:

When I started blogging back on my original blog it was because it was something new to try. I was out in Arizona and it also was a good way to keep up with the family back here. It had a little bit of everything on it and quite random. When I started having trouble in my marriage and going through the divorce, it was an outlet to get things out of my brain. I decided to start this new blog because I wanted to separate the two, I wanted this one to be about my new journey.

For some reason, this time blogging has been harder for me. Not because the thoughts aren’t there but it’s been harder to drag the feelings out. I wanted to leave them stuffed down (more on that in the next post). What I failed to remember is that blogging was/is my therapy, that it feels good to get it out and on “paper”.

So I have committed to myself to blog at least twice a week. I have actually put it on my calendar with a reminder pop-up! So here we go folks…..even more of this girl in her world.


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