:mom’s day:

I came to work for a little while to catch up some work from being sick. I had the stomach flu and now I am just starting to get my groove back although slowly. Anyway, sitting here on Mother’s Day these thoughts just came pouring out and while I should be getting some work done…sometimes the words just take priority.

First of all I will say I have been blessed with the best mom ever. Seriously, God knew that I would need someone like her. Words really can’t even express what she means to me. I have learned and grown so much because of all that she has taught me…and truth be told continues to teach me. So with that being said, I have this to say….

I long to be a Mom. You know how people are just born to mother? Well, I think I am one of those people. Ask anyone who knows me and I am pretty sure they would agree. So as I get older (you heard me, biological clocks do tick louder!) it is getting harder to not have that dream realized. Don’t get me wrong I have some great kids in my life that I hope I instill something in. I love spending time with them and showering them with love…but it is not totally the same as having your own.

I thought at one time I was going to be blessed with a little bundle of joy, but God and my body decided it wasn’t time. Looking back I am ok with that, I know there is an ultimate plan…but it doesn’t make me any less sad or frustrated.

I am trying…trying to understand the plan…and what may be included. I am starting to wonder in the very far reaches of my brain if being a Mom is in the plan for me?

Today though I will attempt to push this aside and celebrate the Mom’s in my life.  I have been blessed by not only my own mother but very incredible women that have always been like Mom’s to me.  I honor those women today and only hope that one day I will be like them.


One thought on “:mom’s day:

  1. My mom had 5 miscarriages. She had alot of the same thoughts you did. Since then she has 2 adopted kids, had about 75 foster babies and 8 grandchildren.

    Whatever happens, happens. God wil use that passion you have for kids and being a mother somehow.

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