:update & bring on the pink:

so are you wondering how my week went? If I had any meltdowns or yelling matches this week? I’m happy to say No….no meltdowns, no yelling…I’m not going to say I maybe didn’t come close a time or two, but I just took a breath and rolled with the punches. It was again a very stressful and tiring week…I literally came home at night exhausted. I know at some point this will subside…I hope..lol. So I just am thankful right now that we are in a busy state and have a growing business to work at.

I have been so busy with work lately that I haven’t really started focusing on a huge thing that I am taking on. Back in 2009 I decided that I wanted to take on a physical challenge that was beyond myself. I decided that I wanted to do the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 3-Day. That’s right…3 days of walking that equals up to 60 miles!! Not only did it mean training…but this also meant fundraising…$2300 to be exact! That is a lot of money and it meant getting out of my comfort zone and asking everyone I came in contact with for a foundation. The walk itself was amazing…it was the hardest thing physically I have ever done, but it was an amazing experience. I met some wonderful women that I am still friends with today.

I decided to take a break in 2010 because I felt like it would be hard to fundraise again. It worked out anyway because I ended up having a foot injury that I wouldn’t have been able to walk. So this year I decided to do it again!!! So come August…for 3 days…I will be taking that 60-mile trek again. I feel better that this time I know what to expect…I am back with some of the same team members. I am getting excited…I have my shoes and I am ready to start training…I just need to find time!!

So you will see at the right of the screen is an awesome little link to take you directly to my donation page. You can donate right online very safely and quickly!!! So tell everyone you know!!!


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