:stress & balance-part 1:

so here I am again….reminded that I haven’t blogged in a month or so when I had a goal to try to blog every other day. FAIL! All I can say…oh well. I’m not going to stress about it. I have had enough of it the past 6 weeks. Let me bring you up to speed…

Stress #1…The company that I work for was sold as of 2/1/11. In this particular instance this was a VERY good thing for our company and the employees in it. The former owner was tired…and to be honest did not know how to run our company. He was also the type that didn’t want to take any chances and that was the point that our company was at. We needed change…we needed someone who could turn things around and not be afraid to think outside the box. Attitudes were down, I was even contemplating leaving the company because I saw no growth. Now enter the new owners..they are actually a husband and wife team and they are awesome! They have done more in 6 weeks than our previous owner did in years. A good thing right?…well yes…but this means long hours, intense meetings and lots of headaches. Not bad…just intense…stressful…but in a good way if that makes any sense at all.

Stress #2 In the midst of this transition at work construction started at home on my bathroom in my downstairs living space. This was an AWESOME thing…no more stumbling upstairs during the night, my own shower, etc. However…with construction comes disarray!! I had to clean out everything that was in the space where the bathroom was going (our now former storage space) and figure out where that was going. That brought on some purging and donating…which I love!! Mom…has more issues with that, she likes to keep things. So that brought on some discussions about stuff! Then the dust comes in…they had to drill into the foundation to lay piping…the dust that it created was insane…I am still cleaning up from that. I was told originally the project would take 4-6 weeks, since I have had some experience with construction I was banking more on the 6 weeks. We are entering the start of Week 8 and there are still a few items to finish. At this point I am officially moved in and using the bathroom, but it has been exhausting.

Add into these main stresses the everyday ones of life….pinched nerve in my upper back/neck, icky weather, fighting my weight and food and the drama of relationships (or lack thereof). I will admit…my attitude has been poor. My stress had taken over because I have allowed it to…I have reacted badly. There was no balance, my anxiety through the roof. So where did that lead me?

Read on…..


One thought on “:stress & balance-part 1:

  1. B says:

    I love reading your blog. Thanks for taking the time to write and share —now I know how to pray for you. Love ya sisterchickie.

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