:music therapy:


I have always said that music is therapy for me. My musical tastes are all over the board so that lends to the fact that whatever therapy I might need…happy, sad, rockin’, I have it in my library! What I LOVE about my church is the musical diversity I have found…and people who love to share what music they are listening to. Of course it helps that I hang around with the musicians most weekends since I am in the tech booth. So I thought I would just throw out a little list of what has been hitting my playlist lately….and I warn you it is quite a mixture of stuff!!!

Jesus Culture, this is some high intensity worship music that is just amazing
Gungor, I really can’t explain their style but I just really like the sound
John Mark McMillen, awesome music. period.
Joshua Radin, just good mellow out music
The Civil Wars, this is a new love…awesome duo with a great sound

Also, I am in love with my XM radio in my new car…especially the Coffee House channel. It features almost all acoustic artists and songs…it is awesome!



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