:are we hiding?:

with the continuing rise of social media, smart phones, etc. it poses a question…are we hiding behind all that technology. I have found this more and more prevalent in the dating world….especially online dating. When you “meet” you are looking at someones profile, then start emailing, you may exchange Facebook information, etc. You may even exchange phone numbers…but not to call each other…text! I digress for just a moment to say….before ya’ll think I am the pot calling the kettle black, I 100% admit that I take full advantage of all the technology out there. I love my Facebook, am starting to love Twitter and I pretty much sleep with my iPhone. But check out where I am going with this….

What amazes me is that because of all of this technology I think that we have started to hide ourselves, to hide behind it so to speak. My Mom get’s upset sometimes because she feels that people use email when really they should come face to face with the person and discuss whatever is said. Most of the time I agree with her. When did it become ok to not have respect enough for our fellow human being  to look at them in the eye??

Take this quote in “People’s eyes reveal their emotional state.To minister to people look in their eyes.”The eye is the lamp of the body”-Jesus (by the way I grabbed that quote from Twitter today)  So have we lost our nerve? To look in someone’s eyes are face their emotional state? Whether sad, mad or happy?

And in a totally different context…when did it be ok to just stop communication all together with no closure of any sort? I talk about this mostly in the world of dating but I feel it can happen in other walks of life. You will be emailing or texting one day and the next…nothing. Not an explanation or reason to be found. That person has hidden behind their email address or phone number. I feel that because of technology we have (which again I love and use every single day) become detached from the person we are communicating with. Maybe people think that because there is no tangible person in front of them to see, touch or smell that there isn’t a “human” on the other end of the email address, profile, phone number, etc. We have forgotten that hundreds of years ago the only form of communication was traveling to see someone or writing a letter. See to me writing a letter is different, it actually hoes have more feeling. You sat and wrote it, in your handwriting, took time to postmark the envelope and mail it off. Even that was more personal than what we simply do today.

I’ll say it again….I am not saying to abandon technology. It is a wonderful tool to be used in our lives and it has taken us very far in so many ways. We need to remember though that on the other side of that tool is a human being with feelings, not just a computer chip receiving the message.


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