:state of the health address-part 2:

as mentioned in part 1 of my state of the health address, I have some issues that I really need to address in the health department. I thought I would share what they are and steps that I do need to take to relieve them. As I mentioned, I want deep down to address these issues but I also know they aren’t all just physical ailments. There is a lot of emotion laid deep, my feeling of “am I worth” being healthy, of feeling good.

Before I actually list out my issues…I had a very in depth blood work-up and also an ultrasound to come to some of these conclusions. I know that I actually probably need to do some more tests to confirm some of the “suspicions” I have on a couple of the ailments.

Weight: It is really not a surprise that weight factors into a lot of the symptoms that I feel. I am about 100 pounds overweight (according to the official charts) and my body fat percentage is in the morbidly obese range. Cool huh? I am kidding…because if I don’t I might cry.

Liver: Going into my tests I really had no idea that I would learn what I did about my liver. I had no idea really that our liver really has an impact on a lot of systems in our body. The ultrasound uncovered that I have a “fatty” liver (really was this a shock?) but what was most interesting was the blood tests. Basically it came down to the fact that my liver was not breaking things down properly. The enzymes naturally found in our liver were not doing their job, which also meant that I was vitamin deficient because what I was putting in my body was not breaking down into the vitamins and minerals that I need.

Vitamins: Basically because of the above liver issue (and not eating right or taking a multi vitamin consistently) I was deficient on a lot of vitamins…but severely low in B12. If you didn’t know B12 gives us energy…B12 is mostly found in red meat (hence my issue) and some veggies.

Sugar: I knew going in that I would find out that I had a sugar issue. I have dealt with many instances of sugar crashes and knew I was walking a dangerous line of diabetes. What I found out was exactly that, on the measuring scale they use I am only one step away from diabetes.

These were the issues that came up, I also believe that I have an allergy or intolerance to Gluten. While I have never been tested, during times of cutting out all gluten products I have felt so much better!!

Those were the major things….basically all of these combined lead to all my symptoms:
low energy, no matter how much sleep I get
headaches that occasionally turn into migraines
sugar crashes
body aches & pains
acid reflux
upset stomach, bloated feeling
constant thirst

So now what? I have to say that in all the cycles of trying a new diet plan, exercise, cleanses, etc. I have learned what works and what doesn’t I know what I need to take out, add, etc. So what are they….

-reduce if not eliminate all sugar, white flour, carbs
eliminate all Gluten
-reduce considerably caffeine intake
-up intake of fiber
-take digestive enzymes
-B12 injections
-take multi-vitamin consistently!
-up intake of water!

so there you have it….now to accomplish it. I have decided that baby steps is the only way to go here…one thing at a time, one step at a time, one day at a time!


One thought on “:state of the health address-part 2:

  1. lindsay vandellen says:

    So glad to read this to know what is going on in your life! I can second a lot of what you say. Had some tests done last week still waiting on a couple results. Know that you are on my heart and I am praying for you!

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