:new ink:

why? that is the question I have been getting the most of. well actually that is mostly coming from my family whom are still surprised that I even have tattoos. My brother in particular will probably give me the most grief on this one…luckily he is thousands of miles away!

I think the question anyone always has about tattoos is why get them? why put something on your body that will be there forever. To me that question is the answer, because it will be there forever. As a reminder, as a proclamation, as a symbol. When I got my first tattoo back in 2008 it was after a very tough season in my life. Just coming out of a rough divorce I wanted to “celebrate” that I had made it through. When deciding what to get I knew that it had to be something involving a cross. My faith and the strength from God was what got me through that season and nothing would ever take that away from me. My faith would always be a part of who I am…of course it being my first tattoo I wanted to put it in a place that was not necessarily seen by everyone. So that brought another question of “well why even get it if no one can see it”…I know it is there…I see it everyday…it is a reminder to ME. See that is the thing that I think people have a mis-conception about when it comes to tattoos….they think that people put them there to “show-off” when honestly I really believe most people don’t get them for that reason.

So fast forward about 3 years…I had been having the itch to get another one (my 3rd by the way) but this time I wanted it to be more visible, not for everyone else but for me. I wanted something either in my wrist area or forearm that could be a reminder for me. I played with some different things for about 6 months and was actually hooked on a design that incorporated the word believe. Then one day I remembered that Kristen and I has seen examples of tattoos called ambigrams. Basically a word or combination of two words that would look like the same word (or different word) from one view or another. I went on the website and knew instantly the two words that I wanted to use…Faith & Trust. I am going to talk more about those two words and what they are meaning to me lately but it is two words that I believe are always going to be my “theme” words in my life.

Once I figured out what I wanted I couldn’t get it out of my mind and that weekend went to get it…by myself. Which was another step out of my comfort zone but actually fit in with the meaning of these two words. So yes it is a little bigger than my others and definitely will be seen when I am wearing short sleeves but to me it’s not about that.



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