I could sit here and make a ton of excuses on why I haven’t blogged….most would be true…maybe stretched a bit, but bottom line they would still be…excuses. One thing I have noticed about my own blogging (and I wonder how others feel) is that with the Facebook & Twitter craze I tend to forget to blog. Or I feel like what I want to talk about or say has already been said. What I have to remember is that those are just “snippets” into what is going on…things I am doing, thoughts I am having, etc. So although I am active on those other two social mediums it doesn’t excuse the fact that I made a goal to write more….and by write more I mean more than 140 characters in my Twitter feed….and in complete sentences!!

So…excuses. Ahhhh…our society, and I lump myself right into this group, is the kings of queens of making them. We change appointments, forget things or my favorite start things and don’t finish them…because of course something got in the way. Well let me tell you…something is always going to get in the way. It might be lack of time, or money, or it could just be the fear of failure. Oh yes…I did just drop the “f” word..Failure.

We excuse not doing something or reaching for a goal because we are afraid to fall flat on our faces. That it would cause so much shame and regret it is instead easier to just hide. In my own life it is this way in regards to my weight. I have struggled with my weight since as young as I can remember. I have been up and down on the scale however mostly up, I have taken countless attempts to lost the weight through some form of diet or exercise. In the past couple of years I have worked hard at it, and in the past six months have fallen flat. I let an injury and doubt make me question myself and my strength. I was afraid that I would be looked at as a failure, I had done so well and worked hard and here I was back at square one. It took me two of those months just to get enough courage together to contact my trainer and say ‘I’ve got to do something’. In a candid talk with him this past Saturday I revealed that I really still had no motivation for being there but I was hoping that at least taking the first step would propel me further. I realized and actually admitted right then and there that everything coming out of my mouth was an excuse…no time, injury, sickness, holidays, emotional eating…wow did I have a list. Some of those really do need to be addressed because they do intertwine with the fear of failing when it comes to getting healthy, but the others were just fluff.

My goal in just the coming days….get past the fluff and get real with myself. Become more productive by cutting out the excuses.


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