:hello 2011:

really? 2011 already?

I know it’s so cliche to say “oh the time, where does it go?” but seriously….where does it go? Do you ever wonder and look back on a year and think…what the heck did I do this year? Or are you the type that actually can look back and visibly see what you have done? Maybe you have lost a significant amount of weight, had a baby, moved to a totally new area. I can honestly say that 2010 wasn’t really one of those years for me…oh sure I had little things I accomplished that felt good, but nothing big…nothing that I would consider totally memorable. I want to change that…

In 2011…I want to be able to look back in the first dew days of 2012 and think to myself..YES! I did that…I accomplished that goal…saw that dream come true. I am tired of sitting on the sidelines and watching everyone else have their moment…I want my own. I have a lot of ideas, lots of dreams and this year I will see them through.

If you have read my old blog you will know that I have followed a blogger for several years, Ali Edwards, who chooses one word at the beginning of the year that will encompass what they want that year to look like. A theme word so to speak. Some of the words of the past were reinvent, courage, trust. All good words and were exactly where I was at that point in life. This year I have several words that really kind of say what I want to accomplish but the one word that I feel wraps it up the most is: simplify. There are many areas in my life where I need to just take a step back, to simplify what I do, think, feel. There are many times where I make things to complicated….health, work, spiritual life. It is all about basic things in life (I will talk more about this coming up) to simplify my world.

So here is to a 2011 that will rock out world…that will allow all of us to have that moment of saying “YES!!”


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